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How the Hcareers and Talentcare Partnership Can Help You, According to Founder and CEO, Eric Smith
Hcareers / OCTOBER 04 2021

Hcareers recently sat down with Eric Smith, the founder and CEO of Talentcare, our new ATS partner, about what our new partnership can bring to the industry and our clients when attracting, hiring, and retaining great candidates and employees.

Together, we bring a hospitality focused job board that delivers a great ecosystem of talent, industry-specific knowledge, as well as an ATS that is focused on fast and meaningful candidate experience and engagement, especially in the current job market.

Can you tell us a little bit about Talentcare? What unique values does Talentcare provide to customers compared to other ATS’s?

Talentcare has a holistic view on the talent acquisition process, with the ATS at its core. We address employer branding needs and reputation management by using data around hiring insights and return on investments.

We provide a selection of tools, such as psychometric testing, scoring and fit with optional background checks and engagement tools such as texting, emailing, calling, and sending out offer letters directly from the platform. 

Talentcare began in healthcare recruiting, working with retail and multi-site centers, such as urgent care, as a partner for our clients to ensure that finding talent was never a growth restraint for them. What began in healthcare, then transitioned into hospitality with restaurants, hotels, club management.

What are the benefits for hoteliers who may not be using an ATS, to start using one through Hcareers & Talentcare?

An ATS creates an efficient way for hoteliers to funnel all their candidates into one place, giving themselves a concise and consistent way of screening and scoring or engaging all those candidates.

The Hcareers and Talentcare partnership can help you engage your candidates and become their first-choice employer.

80-90% of applicants, specifically gen z and millennials, are applying on their phone, which makes it harder to attach a resume or cover letter.  By using an ATS, you as the employer are still allowing candidates to apply and include all of their experience and background information on the go, and not missing out on great candidates.

It also creates a fast and efficient way to reach out to your best fit candidates, quickly, especially through text that will keep them interested, and move them through the hiring process and fill your open roles faster, with top talent.

Hiring managers are also able to use our ATS to set up their specific screening questions, by roles, to score applicants based on your needs to find their top talent quickly and efficiently.

The Hcareers and Talentcare partnership creates a frictionless candidate experience as well as for hiring managers.

How is hotelier usage of ATSs different than other customers in the market (what are their unique needs), particularly with companies owning or managing multiple properties, and how does the Hcareers and Talentcare partnership solve for this?

Right now, we’re in a tough job market and every single interaction matters. The speed to engagement with candidates versus the speed to hire is important in the hotel space, because without it, the industry will lose great candidates to other industries quickly if they can’t create a great candidate experience.

The Hcareers and Talentcare partnership can also help larger, multi-brand employers create a strong brand to articulate their culture, who they are and what makes them a great employer to candidates.

We can also help decrease employee turnover by attracting engaged candidates through that strong employer branding and making sure they match your requirements with screening questions and a scoring system.

How is the Hcareers and Talentcare partnerships also able to help hoteliers bring on more diverse candidates?

Hcareers and Talentcare can help you attract a more diverse candidate pool by building your employer branding around your diversity and inclusion efforts. You can include diverse employee stories and media, your company values, diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives on your employer profile or career site.

Talentcare uses a screening and scoring system that ranks candidates based on experience, skill level and career goal questions rather than questions solely based on gender, race, and ethnicity, to reduce any biases.

What makes the Hcareers and Talentcare partnership different from other ATS and job board partnerships?

We go beyond just a relationship. Hcareers is more than just a job board through strong industry relationships and expertise but also offers employee career paths, AI-technology candidate matching, and enhanced employer branding while Talentcare goes beyond just being an ATS through brand and reputation management, candidate engagement technology and psychometric screening.

Our combined capabilities and specialties complement each other to create a strong product for our clients to attract, hire and retain great talent.

We will also use reporting and data to understand why hired employees stay in their roles longer allowing employers to better their employee retention, in turn create better messaging to attract hires that will also stay with the company.

What are the benefits of working with the Hcareers and Talentcare partnership?

Together, we bring a deep expertise in the hospitality recruitment space.

Hcareers brings a curated set of candidates in the ecosystem that most job boards don’t have and as a partnership, are able to cover career pathing for candidates, competency building, brand building, reputation management and recruiting.

As a hotelier working with this partnership, you’re future-proofed. With the Hcareers knowledge of the industry and Talentcare’s forward thinking, we’re always exploring what is coming next in technology and the industry, to make sure our clients are always ahead of the game.

How does using an ATS help employers in this current job market?

Although the unemployment rate has greatly decreased since April of last year, the leisure and hospitality unemployment rate is still at 9.1%. There are a lot of great candidates out there trying to find a job but there are also a lot of open opportunities for candidates to apply for.   

The Hcareers and Talentcare partnership scores candidates to identify the top talent, both before applying through the Hcareers Perfect Fit technology and after they apply through the Talentcare screening technology.

In a recent survey Hcareers conducted, 55% of the audience mentioned that they are applying for opportunities but receiving no responses at all from employers. The Talentcare platform’s engagement technology allows employers to contact candidates immediately after applying through either text, call or email.

Interested in working with Hcareers and Talentcare? Contact us today!